About Myself

Hi! First of all, I want to introduce myself po. I am an official A.R.M.Y. and EXO-L. (Multi-fandom is real) and, I’m also a certified K-Drama addict. Hindi ko alam kung paano nag start pero, ako mismo, na-shock kasi I fell for Korean Oppas(HAHA).(Maybe it was because of Boys Over Flowers?) Now that I mentioned “oppas”, andame na nila mga bes jusko. Di kona mabilang kung ilan talaga exactly. Well, madami nga naman talagang gwapo dun sa Seoul. Huhu. Dream placeeee.


So, let us all be one international fangirls! Fighting!



After a week full of stress, tiredness, hardworks, here I am. Back again in this blog. Writing things I just couldn’t tell. Well, it’s life though.


I am just an ordinary student. Not the studious one, nor the laziest. Just normal. Pretending to be someone or something you are is not my thing. I show myself. My real self. And that is the right thing to do, because your life is not all about impressing other people. It’s about the joy that it gives you by being yourself. I couldn’t stand a day that I don’t make loud noises or what. I am craaaazy. LOL. If you think I’m joking well, I am not.




I am young. I have still many things to explore and things to improve myself. Being a fangirl was not a tough job. It inspires me all throughout the day. It gives me the happiness that I’ve been wanting to have. Having friends who are also having the same feels, is such a big blessing. Those moments that you can relate to each other, the sad times and the happiest. Now that I am 14, I wanna say to myself that, continue striving. This is not just the things that will happen into your life. There are still many things to explore and to be creative.


Zj. (Belated birthday message to myself. 09/09/17)


BTS Week

Hello! Long time no see my dear blog!


It is BTS Festa naaaa mga bes! I know I’ve been lately updated now kasi, may school na and I need to focus on my studies. But, I can’t just wait of other to inform me na “hey, may ganito yung BTS ngayon.” It hurts me but dapat ko itong i endure kahit na hindi ako ganun ka updated. This is a challenge for me A.R.M.Y.’s. Being away for BTS in a couple of days? I should do it. But still, A.R.M.Y. parin ako, nothing will change.

Jin Oppa

Lovin’ this boii


He really is a light to my day mga bes. Pag gising ko, pag open ko pa lang ng phone ko, sya na agad bumabati saken ng Good Morning. Hanggang sa pag tulog. Siya parin. I kennat mga bes. Ang gwapo at ang dami ng charms nya eh.



How did I start as an A.R.M.Y.?

I didn’t expect that at a very young age, I would do this blog. At hindi rin ako nag expect na ito-todo ko na ang pag fa-fangirl ko. Sa batang edad ko non’, pamilyar na ako sa EXO at SNSD. (I even danced to their songs and I got addicted) But then, nabura sa isip ko yung k-pop k-pop ┬ána mga iyon. And last 2016, everything changed in a sudden. Napanood ko yung ‘FIRE’ ng BTS yung Misheard Lyrics(salamat sayo and now I’m a fan of them). Then dun ako nag start na i-stan sila. Nakita ko agad yung naka attract sa mata ko. Which is Kim Seokjin popularly known as ‘Jin’. Nag save ako ng nag save ng pictures nila hanggang sa tinodo kona talaga. Who knew na babalik ako sa pagiging k-pop? (hayz)


And yes. Naadik ako ng naadik at nauso pa yung K-drama. (double kill) Andame na ng ni sa-stan koooo. Minsan, di ko alam kung ano o alin ang uunahin. Kung si ‘oppa’ ko ba dun o ang ‘oppa’ ko dito.